As an emerging artist in the Metro Nashville area, I embrace the beauty of Middle Tennessee. Having traveled extensively as a military spouse, it has been a challenge to establish artistic roots anywhere, and now that I am settled here as an “empty nester,” I can let my creativity find its home.

While I continue to paint with and accept the challenge of watercolors, the emerging flexibility of “open” acrylics with their longer working time has been my newest venture.  In addition to the advantage they hold for plein air work, this medium allows me to flow more impressionistic in my studio. The buttery nature of open acrylics on stretched linen canvas has become my forte.

In this artistic endeavor, I look to find the story within the subjects I choose, knowing the tale I tell on canvas must be able to reach the viewer’s imagination as much as my own.  I continue to pursue a painterly technique in my work to show the reality of my vision with the brush strokes of my heart.